Spatial Perception, Applied Cognition & Education Lab at UC Merced

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The eyes are the windows to the soul - Guillaume de Salluste
The eyes are 'the only visible part of the brain.' - Michel Pierre Janisse

The SPACE lab examines how people use visual-spatial information to make decisions and inform their understanding of the world. The lab mission is to help people make their best possible judgments about their health and safety via;
1) developing and testing theories for how people reason with visual-spatial information
2) validating approaches for representing visual information
3) working with domain experts to find practical solutions for communicating complex information such as climate change data, forecasts of extreme weather events, and health information

Visualization Decision-Making

The way that data is visualized has a profound influence on the decisions that we make. Visualization techniques need to be tested to ensure that they do not produce unintended biases.

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Uncertainty Cognition

From weather reports to health diagnoses, uncertainty is pervasive in our everyday lives. However, reasoning with uncertainty is challenging even for experts. We study how to help people make their best possible decisions with uncertainty.

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Cognition for the Global Good

A core tenant of our research approach is to work with groups around the world that stand to benefit the most from research and development. We team up with NGOs, government agencies, and diverse populations to inspire and guide our explorations.

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Spatial Reasoning

Working with collaborators in Geography and Anthropology, we aim to understand how people mentally represent and reason with spatial information.

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