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Predictive Modeling of Flood Susceptibility: Phase 1

By Alex John Quijano and Madeline Brown and Ritesh Sharma and Umesh Krishnamurthy

Project Presentation: May 13, 2020

Framing the Problem

Coupled human natural systems issue

People + Place = Natural Disaster
    Climate Change
  • Events occurring in areas not prepared or underprepared
  • Larger duration, varied spread, varied intensity
    • E.g. atmospheric rivers in CA
    Physical Geography and Geology
  • Slope: which way is downhill?
  • Features: directing water i.e. saddles in ridges, escarpments, etc
  • Soil porosity/water retention
    • E.g. Less permeable clay has more run off
  • Outdated or nonexistent infrastructure
  • Declaring natural disasters and receiving aid based off financial damage to public infrastructure at the state level (CA)
  • Replacement of porous surfaces with concrete


Project Summary

Additional Materials

Data collection and processing of the factors important to predict flood susceptibility. We have a progress summary of the data that we collected and there is a provided code along with it.

Constructing and evaluating the model.